Revd Ian Greig – Baptist Minister working across the denominations in Weobley and mid-Herefordshire

I live in Weobley, mid-Herefordshire HR4 8TA and travel all over Herefordshire but with a focus on 'pioneer ministry' in the community around the Methodist chapel in Weobley, St Thomas RC Church in Weobley and the various C of E parishes of the area. I am more of an 'outside the walls', Fresh Expressions person than a minister doing conventional services.


My background was first C of E, then New Churches, and more recently in ordained Baptist ministry in which I led four churches, large and small, in city centre, suburb and village communities. I received Jesus as Lord of my life in September 1978 in my local parish church. My theological emphasis is Word + Spirit + World, and relating to God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The usual labels don't fit. A trio of key passages for me would be Micah 6:8, John 5:19-20 and Ephesians 4:11-13.

I have always worked closely with friends of other streams and denominations, upholding the one-ness of God's kingdom and finding strength and breadth in diversity.


I publish an innovative Bible study called The Living Word (TLW) which is based on the four passages set for each Sunday in the church calendar (Revised Common Lectionary). This set of readings is used, with occasional variations, across the board in churches that have a set order of service and all our churches in the villages are familiar with it.

The idea of TLW is to encourage people to enjoy reading the Bible for themselves, day by day, and hearing God speak through His word. TLW presents one of the Sunday Bible readings each day, set out as a Bible study with verses and accessible commentary woven together. As the week goes on a message emerges as the common author, the Holy Spirit, speaks and reveals – that's the way the Bible works. This preparation and reflection, and the background the preacher hasn't time to include in their short sermon slot, doesn't replace the sermon on the Sunday but rather, enables hearers to get much more from it.

TLW is available online with easy links to the Bible references, at http://thelivingword.uk and local subscribers get a printed copy free.

I also write on other Christian topics, particularly the challenge of 'walking with Jesus' and considering 'what would Jesus do' – the thrust of my blog posts at http://follow-the-way.com

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