Writer and speaker

I write a devotional/Bible study series which is currently taking focusing on the words of Jesus in the gospels – the 'words in red' in some Bible editions – under the general heading 'Reading the Red'. Currently this is exploring Jesus' sayings about the kingdom of God which sits alongside a current teaching series by Pastor Phil Arnold at Oasis Church, Hereford.

A current Bible study among friends and neighbours currently explores the "I AM" sayings of Jesus in John's gospel, set out for group discussion.

This, and some recent preached messages are posted in the order that they happen, somewhat unstructured, on


Particularly for C of E, Methodist and RC church members I publish a resource called The Living Word which is distributed among a number of village congregations around Weobley, Herefordshire. This takes the Revised Common Lectionary readings for each Sunday in the year, which are common to all (with occasional variations by the C of E), using NIV text and offering some verse-by-verse commentary to give context and explanation for ordinary Bible readers. The aim is to encourage more people to read the Bible for themselves, and to be spiritually prepared for what they will hear in their church on Sunday which will, hopefully, be a biblical message! It makes a good stand-alone Bible study which explores a theme that develops through the progressive revelation of Old Testament, Gospel and Epistle perspectives. Available online as well.


From time to time I have preaching engagements in various churches, both denominational and non-denominational. Unusually, I am familiar with the constraints of traditional, liturgical worship and the expectations of freer more Holy Spirit-conscious traditions, and everything in between.